Location: Florida, USA

Students : Constantia Djialli, Maria Christophi

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The proposal is located in Florida, USA, and mainly deals with Turkey Point’s nuclear station, which is considered to be a high risk station for a possible nuclear explosion. The main aim of the project is the creation of communities which will act as healing sanctuaries for the immediate and long- term aftermath of a nuclear explosion.  The main concept for a radiation healing sanctuary is the use of salt, as it is a great heal for radiation absorbers, as iodine in salt can minimise radiation levels in human body.

The design has been proposed by taking into high consideration its users, their needs, and the effects that radiation has on people, therefore, visually impaired people, handicapped users, mutants and radiation absorbers, are the habitants of the community. The most important concept of the project though, is salt.

The program of the proposal involves private spaces designed specifically for the visually impaired, the handicapped, mutants and radiation absorbers. It also includes a hospital, a cooking/ eating area, an aquaponics farm, a dark room, a hamam area, an educational centre and a psychological centre and activities such as fishing, net climbing and a playground.

A collection of drawings for your inspiration. It’s always good to mix different types of mediums in order to communicate your project. Have a look.!